Silent Memories

Silent Discos for elderly people living with dementia, sensory impairments, learning difficulties or memory loss

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Helping to enhance the quality and wellbeing of living for residents


It is a well known fact that music can have significant health benefits to patients in care homes, particularly those living with dementia. It can help evoke memories and create a deeper sense of coherence and communication, whilst allowing residents to communicate on a different level with care workers and family members.

Here at Silent Memories we provide an innovative form of musical activity in the form of a Silent Disco. Music, carefully selected by our DJ, care staff and family members is played through our wireless headsets to give a unique sensory music experience for residents. The headsets have 3 channels on them offering a choice of music to suit tastes/mood.


When listening to music through our headsets we have noticed a distinct increase in engagement, animation and stimulation amongst patients. Often the music seems to evoke memories and allows the residents to become completely immersed in the sessions.

Using headsets allows residents to opt in or out of the sessions. The silent disco can be taking place in a communal area and anyone not taking part won't be distracted by the activity. With a long transmission range it also allows patients with limited mobility to take part in the sessions in their own rooms.


We have trialled the Silent Disco concept at several care homes. Our flagship home and the first one to take it on the idea was HOMECROFT in Bradford. The team there  have been incredibly welcoming to the concept and very forward thinking in their approach. The feedback from the staff and family members there has been nothing but positive.

Briony Spandler  - Homecroft

I have been astounded by the positive affects holding a ‘Silent Disco’ has had on my clients. Silent Memories have played within our care home setting and we have been surprised at the way in which the impact of intimate, personal music, especially tailored to clients, has engaged the most static, distant clients and really ‘brought them back to life', and brought obvious pleasure and joy to many others.


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